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The Many Uses of Concrete

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One of the basic building elements for our society as we know it today, concrete, is used across the globe. Concrete is utilized in a vast number of ways to make everyday life much simpler. Anderson & Rodgers Construction of Nicholasville, Kentucky wants to show you the many uses of concrete, so you can see just how important and helpful this material is in our lives.

Roads and Important Structures

Concrete is most commonly associated with public spaces. Sidewalks, roads, bridges, and parking structures are just a few of the places you’ll see concrete in use on a day-to-day basis. Roads, sidewalks, and parking areas utilize concrete because of its superior durability when compared to other paving materials. Around 60% of the interstates and highways in the United States are paved with this material. Concrete is safer than other paving materials. Durable enough to easily support large tractor-trailers, jumbo-jets, and daily traffic, concrete requires less repair in the long run. Typically, concrete roads can last up to 30 years without needing to be completely replaced. In addition to being a much more environmentally friendly choice, concrete has a much more reflective surface than other paving materials, around 40% more reflective than asphalt. Aside from roads, sidewalks, and parking areas, concrete is also frequently used for bridges and dams. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of this material, concrete is also economically friendly making it the perfect material for these large, important structures that are publically funded and receive heavy use.

Homes and Buildings

As stated, concrete is incredibly durable and strong, but durability and strength are not the only major draws for homeowners and contractors. The durability of this material combined with the energy-efficiency, security, and speed of installation makes concrete the perfect material for all types of building projects. Homes and buildings that utilize concrete report up to 40 more energy savings than those without. Concrete does not rot, rust, or burn, and it will not be affected by damaging winds, rain, hail, or snow. It sets quickly, allowing for a speedier project timeline and smaller budget. Finally, concrete is a material that does not require other elements to make it look beautiful, but it is versatile enough to accommodate any taste. Many stunning buildings are designed with concrete because the material can stand on its own or be paired with other masonry materials.

Décor Elements and More

Following the same idea that concrete is an incredibly versatile material, it is an obvious choice for use in a home. Basements, driveways, patios, floors, countertops, and swimming pools are all frequently made with concrete. Concrete provides design possibilities that other materials do not, while still being economical and providing you with a beautiful element in your home. It can be colored, stenciled, and texturized to create unique and interesting design elements within a home.

As you can see, concrete is an excellent choice for a wide variety of uses, especially around the home. If you are considering a remodel or are building a new home and are considering concrete, Anderson & Rodgers Construction, serving Lexington, Nicholasville, Versailles, Georgetown, Richmond, and Winchester, Kentucky, can help you with all your contracting needs. Contact our team of experienced general contractors today.

How to Tell If You Need a Roofing Contractor

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roofing contractor

Having a dependable roof is a staple of an adequate living environment. There are many signs that it is time for a new roof. If shingles are curling this indicates weathering has occurred, and leaks may happen as a result. If your roof looks like a checkerboard you should have that fixed. Missing shingles warrant a completely new roof if it is impossible to find new shingles to match your existing roof color. If your roof physically appears fine but is over 20 years old, there can be problems that are not visible. Any of these situations will tell you that it is time to consider getting a roofing contractor.

Selecting a roofing contractor is an important decision, as they will have a direct impact on the quality of your new roof. When searching for a contractor there are many factors to keep in mind. Make sure the contractor has a physical office located nearby. This allows you to feel comfortable in maintaining a line of open and direct communication throughout the roof evaluation process. It is also a good idea to see if the roofing contractor is licensed, insured, and bonded. The license ensures that the contractor is expertly trained and knows what they are doing. The insurance protects you and your home, in the case there is damage or a worker is injured during the job. Before hiring make sure to ask for copies of their roofing license and insurance certificate for verification. Make sure that the roofing contractor offers a warranty. If no warranty is given and something goes wrong during the process, you may be stuck paying for another new roof. After striking a deal with a contractor, carefully read your contract for assurance that a warranty is included. A list of references is also valuable information to have if applicable. You can check to see if past customers were pleased with the results they received. It is also beneficial to have written estimates provided. This will give you a detailed proposal on everything that will happen. This means that you will be able to stay informed throughout the process.

It is also crucial to know the difference between an estimate and an inspection. The estimate will let you know how much a certain issue will cost to repair. An estimate is typically reserved for those who are aware that their roof is damaged. If you want to check the condition of your roof, you will need an inspection. The contractor will look for problems or they will let you know how much longer the roof may last.

For your roofing needs, you can rely on Anderson & Rodgers Construction. We employ experienced roofing contractors that strive to provide customers with superior quality work. We are dedicated to giving you the best possible service. Anderson & Rodgers Construction has locations in Nicholasville and Lexington, KY, while also providing service to Lexington, Nicholasville, Versailles, Georgetown, Richmond, and Winchester.

Why You Should Have a Barn Constructed on Your Property

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When most people hear the word barn, they immediately think of big red buildings that contain hay and have animals living in them. However, a barn can have multiple uses for you and your family to enjoy, even if you don’t live on a farm. You don’t have to have the biggest property on the block to have a barn constructed, because they came in a variety of sizes to fit any lot of land. No matter the size, Anderson & Rodgers would love to construct your barn! We are a family-owned company that was established in 2009. We have two locations. One is located in Nicholasville, KY and the other in Lexington, KY. It is our honor to serve the surrounding areas including Nicholasville, Lexington, Georgetown, Richmond, and Versailles.

While it may not seem like it, barns can have multiple uses for your household. Having a barn constructed on your property can give you extra space for your belongings or even people. Our professional contractors have been building all types of barns for families for almost two decades, so no matter the style, size, or design you want your barn to be, they will deliver to the fullest!
A great use for a barn on your property would be a suite for your in-laws to stay in when they come visit. It doesn’t have to only be for your in-laws, but for anyone you may have over as a guest. Having a room like this is also great for big family gatherings, like those that happen around the holidays. By adding a barn, you will always have enough room for everyone to stay at your home. These barns can be constructed however you please.

When designing your barn for your property, you almost have to treat it like you are building a house all over again! Designing a house can be a lot of fun, and it will be the same with your barn. You can choose the siding color, type of windows, and flooring you want to have in your barn. You can make it look just like your house, or look completely different. Place your windows in one corner of the barn or have them flanked by your entry door. Also, let our contractors know if want shutters to give your barn more of a traditional look. We love remodeling and construction, so adding plumbing, electricity, or even a working kitchen to your barn would be a walk in the park for our team.

A barn can also be just that, a barn. They can add a great amount of storage to your property. If your property is pretty large, you might use a riding lawnmower and have other outdoor maintenance tools that you would like to store somewhere other than your garage. With a barn, you could keep your lawn equipment in there, instead. We can also add a loft to your barn for added storage.
At Anderson & Rodgers, we love providing our customers with the best customer care. Give us a call today to make your dreams a reality with our team of loyal contractors. Let us help you and your family design and build the perfect barn for your property.

Why You Should Get Your Central KY Patio Remodeled

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Your backyard is an outdoor oasis, a place to escape from stress, and somewhere to simply relax after a long day at work. However, not many people are aware of their yard’s full potential. Call Anderson & Rodgers, and let us help you turn your dream patio into a reality. Life is too short not to properly utilize your outdoor living space. No matter how big or small the area, there are tons of ways to remodel your patio area. You might turn it into an entertainment spot where you can host parties, enjoy a family dinner, or play games. Another option is to create a peaceful haven where you can enjoy a nice summer breeze while reading a book outside. Patio remodeling from Anderson & Rodgers can make your backyard into the perfect getaway.

A remodeled patio not only makes your home more enjoyable for you and your family, but it can also be an asset when trying to sell your home. An upgraded patio will draw buyers to your home, and will leave them thinking about all the time they could spend enjoying the backyard. Appearance is very important in the housing market, so being able to offer more than just a concrete slab is always a plus. By simply wanting to improve the backyard space for yourself, you may potentially increase the resell value of your home.

Do you want to update your patio area, but aren’t really sure where to start? Your back yard can be remodeled in a number of ways. New patio furniture, such as cushioned chairs or benches, can give your outdoor space more appeal and more comfort than what is offered by regular folding chairs. Add a fire pit to give your guests something to gather around when hosting outdoor events. If the bright sun keeps you inside, consider adding a pergola to give your space some shade and keep it cooler during the warmer months. An outside kitchen would be a great addition to your back yard if you enjoy grilling and would prefer to cook all your food at one convenient location. However, keep in mind that a complete remodel is no easy feat, and you need to carefully consider any materials you may use.

You also need to look into any permits that may need to be obtained and zoning codes that must be observed when remodeling. These restrictions vary by location, so hiring an expert on building regulations, like one of our professionals, assures that your remodel will not only look great, but will also follow any restrictions or safety codes. At Anderson & Rodgers Construction, our professionals can help make your fantasy a reality. We will work with you to create a patio area that has everything you desire. Your dream backyard is simply a phone call away. We also offer deck remodeling and porch remodeling. We have two convenient locations in Nicholasville, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky, and we provide service to other Kentucky cities including Lexington, Nicholasville, Versailles, Georgetown, Richmond, and Winchester.

Tips for Remodeling Your Basement

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When you need a little extra space but don’t want to move, one of the easiest ways to add square footage to your Lexington, Kentucky home is by remodeling the basement. However, just because it is less complicated than building an addition doesn’t mean you should rush into it. Basement remodeling takes careful consideration and planning if you want it to turn out right, and Anderson & Rodgers is just the company to help you get the basement you’ve always dreamed of.

Have a Plan

Having an idea of how your basement will be used will ensure you make the most of it. If you really don’t need separate rooms, leaving the area open will make your basement feel larger and will let whatever natural light there is into more of the space. Plan to use darker areas for activities that don’t require much light, like a media room or wine cellar, and brighter areas for games and socializing. If you don’t know how you want to use your space, our interior designer is happy to assist you.

Set a Budget

Another very important part of the planning process is setting a budget. Know where it’s okay to save a little money (furniture, flooring, bathroom tiles, fixtures) and where it isn’t (waterproofing, insulating, moving pipes and duct work). Even though your basement is underground, that doesn’t mean it can be below code. It may be necessary to raise or relocate plumbing and ductwork to maintain the right ceiling height and windows that can serve as emergency exits may need to be installed to be up to fire code. Knowing all of these details in advance and budgeting for them can help keep costs in check.

Prepare the Space and Use Proper Materials

Basements are famous for being wet, so it is important to take the proper steps to keep it as dry as possible. Waterproof the walls and floor if they aren’t already and consider installing a sump pump if there isn’t one. You don’t want to have to replace carpeting and/or furniture because of a leaky or flooded basement.

Use products that are specifically designed for damp spaces and are waterproof or mildew resistant. Insulating the walls and ceiling will help control the temperature and reduce the noise from above. Unless you have a walkout basement and larger-than-normal windows, you will most likely need plenty of lighting.

Anderson & Rodgers Construction in Lexington, Kentucky can help you with every aspect of your basement remodel. We service Nicholasville, Versailles, Georgetown, Richmond, and Winchester.

Farm House Remodeling Ideas

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farm house

We’ve all at one time or another wondered what life would be like living out in the country, and giving up the conveniences and social obligations of city life. Here at Anderson and Rodgers we see more customers these days giving up their suburban homes and urban jobs for a new life far outside the city. Fueled by the romantic concept of retiring early to set up an antique store, open a B&B, or the seductive transformations and rustic remodels we see on reality home improvement shows, many of our clients have already found a special piece of property in the country, complete with a house that looks adorable from about 100 yards away. But once you get close, it fails to deliver in the charm department and is missing the essential conveniences of even the most basic contemporary family home in the suburbs.

If you already have your piece of American heritage and are trying to figure out what to do next, stay tuned. But, if you’re only just contemplating life in the country, we’d like to share what we’ve learned from our experience remodeling and improving country homes for clients that help make the transition to country life more than they could have ever imagined.

Whether or not you’ve lived the dream of suburban life, with your friendly neighborhood homeowner’s association architectural review board, nosey neighbors, and idle teens with too much time on their hands doing everything in their power to make sure you haven’t forgotten about them, consider the fundamental changes you will experience moving out into the country. Neighbors might be so far away that you have to drive your car just to pay them a visit, or maybe you could ride your horse, if that suits you.

Consider the design and style advantages of living in a country home that could be more than 100 years old. Do you have a family heirloom collecting dust in the basement that you could never figure out how to showcase in your contemporary tract home? It would probably look right at home in just about any location in a farm house. Consider also the current craze in home decor for things like sliding barn doors and farmhouse sinks. Do you know anyone who has added these features to their new home in the city and wishes they hadn’t? A rustic country home might be the only place you can mix country, antique, modern and contemporary furnishing and finishes. Well lived-in country homes serve many purposes, and it is not uncommon or unexpected to see a mixture of rustic, contemporary and even industrial design in a single residence.

More and more people are starting to consider the part they can play in preserving our cultural history by restoring older homes that might otherwise be left unoccupied and eventually torn down. We often find evidence in the structure of older farm houses that surprise and delight the new owner. These buildings were often designed and built by very skilled craftsmen using techniques long since forgotten, and abandoned by modern contractors. Over time, features like fireplaces and wrap-around porches might have been removed or replaced, creating an opportunity for the new owner to honor the original architecture and restore these features.

It was often the case that century-old farm houses were originally built without electricity or running water inside. Kitchens and bathrooms might have been built as additions, or placed in rooms that were originally designed as bedrooms or porches. The most common requests for homeowners looking to add value and convenience in their country home renovations are spacious modern kitchens and bathrooms. We are locally owned, with years of experience in rustic home remodeling, kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling, and we can work within the existing space or extend your home to add the new space you are looking for. Contact us and we’ll help you get started with your dream farm house or country home. We have offices in Nicholasville and Lexington, KY and proudly serve Nicholasville, Lexington, Versailles, Georgetown, Richmond and Winchester.