Anderson & Rodgers

Kitchen Remodels

We’re your local kitchen remodeling team in Central Kentucky. We have a true passion for transforming kitchens into functional, yet breathtaking spaces.


The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in our home. We all need to eat, and so whenever a meal needs to be made, that is where we go to feed ourselves, our family, and our friends. Kitchens get a lot of wear and tear, more than many other spaces in our home, and so making sure that your kitchen is not only organized in a manner that reflects your kitchen activity, but also looks exactly how you want it, is important to making sure you have a livable home. If your kitchen feels outdated, out of fashion, or just isn’t 100% the kitchen of your dreams, let the remodeling experts at Anderson & Rodgers in Lexington, Kentucky help you craft the perfect kitchen.

Like a bathroom, you want a kitchen that is not only gorgeous, but functional as well. We’ve all tried to cook a meal in a cramped, outdated kitchen and been frustrated by everything that situation entails. The professionals at Anderson & Rodgers can you help you assess the space that you have so that you can utilize it most effectively. You want to be able to move around your kitchen, but you also want to love what you see. The modern trend in design is making a space that is both easy on the eyes and easy to use, and Anderson & Rodgers will help you make sure that every aspect of your kitchen fits as seamlessly into the rest of your home as if it were built there originally. Whether you want a sleek, modern kitchen with the trendiest fixtures and cabinetry, or a cozy, traditional kitchen that maintains that old-fashioned aesthetic with none of the old-fashioned design problems, Anderson & Rodgers can help you get there.

If this has got you thinking about the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, contact the remodeling experts at Anderson & Rodgers today. Whether you know exactly what you want or want some professional guidance before you decide what your remodeling plans are, Anderson & Rodgers will be able to help you craft the ideal kitchen for your home. We are located in Lexington, Kentucky, but we proudly serve the surrounding Central Kentucky areas, including Nicholasville, Versailles, Winchester, Richmond, and Georgetown. Don’t live with a subpar kitchen any longer. Contact Anderson & Rodgers today and make your kitchen the most beautiful and functional room in your home.