Anderson & Rodgers

Basement Refinishing


You have decided that this is the year for you to do some much needed home upgrades.  Maybe you are starting to outgrow your current space and the credit market is making a new home impossible or certainly not a wise choice right now, or maybe you just want to have somewhere to kick back a little.  While tossing around ideas you looked at remodeling the attic and adding a room addition, but suddenly thought, ”Why don’t we remodel the basement?”

Basement Refinishing in Lexington Kentucky

Take advantage of that unusable space in your home.  If you have a basement, now is the time to remodel your basement for maximum use.  Whether you are interested in adding a game room, extra bedroom, media room or some other bonus area, Anderson & Rodgers Construction is the team to get the job done.  We work closely with you to provide excellent and timely service.  You’ll love the attention to detail and ultimately the end results.  We have experience refinishing basements in the Lexington area and can provide you with everything you need to make sure your basement remodel is a success.

You have a basement. It isn’t livable, but maybe it could be with the right “know how”. Anderson and Rodgers Construction is the Lexington, Kentucky General Contractor that can make it happen.


The Value of Remodeling Your Basement

Basement remodeling has some pretty weighty positives going for it too.  According to Remodel Magazines’ Cost vs. Value Report no other space gaining remodeling project is cheaper.  Your basement sits within your existing structure so there are no concerns with making your basement blend with the rest of your home. Basements typically comprise about 1/3 of an entire home’s space, sometimes more. Upgrading your basement will add value to your home and increase the livable square footage.


Basement Refinishing and Addition Ideas                                                                         

If your dreams aren’t already etched in stone, some ideas for the increased space include; Home Theater, Wine Cellar or Brewery, Arts and Crafts Room, Man Cave, Music Room, Game Room, Home Office or Gym.  The ideas are without limit.

Since 2005 Brent Anderson and Teddy Rodgers have been fulfilling their dreams of building and rebuilding gorgeous houses while fulfilling your dreams. Whether you have a beloved older home that needs updating, a plan already drawn up for upgrades, or merely a dream you want brought to fruition, we are the building team for you. No dream is too small, no wish too difficult. Bringing quality construction and excellent service to the Central Kentucky Housing market, Anderson and Rodgers are the General Contractors that will earn your trust with their attention to detail, honesty, and integrity. We are proud to stand behind our workmanship. If your 2017 “To Do” list has a remodeling project like basement refinishing, call today and let us bring your dream to life.